With my Clash Royale gem generator without human verification you can get up to 100,000 free gems at once in just a few minutes. If you want you can go directly to Gem Generator

If you've ever wanted to get free gold and gems for Clash Royale and get your Clash Royale ranking up like foam you're on the right website. With the generator you decide how many gems and gold you want to add to your account so you can buy the best cards and upload your ranking without any problems.

Thanks to the exclusive Clash Royale gem generator, you'll go from being an ordinary player to being part of the elite like I was. I was sick of spending money, losing games and seeing my ranking go down. I'm a programmer and I started researching until I discovered a bug in Clash Royale that allows me to increase the gold and gems for free. Since I've been using it my ranking has risen to the top 10, as you can understand I can't put my username publicly 😉

I can assure you that with this generator you will get the deck you always wanted and you will be able to defeat your opponents without problems. The Clash Royale gem generator is fully compatible with any Android and iOS device.

In a few minutes you can generate thousands of gold and gems for free, you only have to put your username, your operating system and the gold and gems you want. Stop waiting, stop spending money and join the elite!

  • 1000 Gems
  • 1000 Gold
  • Enter your Username and the Number of Gems you wish to generate.
  • Loading Script...
  • Processing request....
  • Connecting with on
  • Preparing file uploads...
  • Creating data packets....
  • Encrypting data...
  • Injecting data packets...
  • Adding of Gold to
  • Adding Gems to
  • Clearing data injection trace...
  • Performing automatic verification....
  • ¡ERROR! Unusual traffic detected
  • Unfortunately our Anti-Bot system has detected unusual traffic on our network and has proceeded to retain the resources generated. To receive the gems and gold in your account you must confirm that you are not a bot. This will allow our system to verify whether you are a Bot or a human.

    To perform the check choose the draw you prefer, enter your email, in this email you will receive a link that you must click to confirm that you are not a Bot. Once this is done, in a maximum of 10 minutes you will receive in your Clash Royale account the generated gems and gold. ;)


    1- Choose the free draw you want to enter (You can enter both).
    2- Once on the draw page all you have to do is enter your email address to verify that you are not a BOT.
    3- In a maximum of 10 minutes you will receive a verification code in that email.
    4- Depending on your country the draws may change.

    Verificación Anti-Bot

If the generator asks for verification Watch this video

How Clash Royale Gems Generator Works without Human Verification

I have created a very easy to use generator, it is hosted in the cloud and allows you to generate unlimited gems and coins for Clash Royale. After entering your username, OS and amount of gems and coins the program will start to generate them for you. With my gem generator I’m sure you’ll start enjoying Clash Royale much more as in a very short time you’ll have everything you need to get the best cards that will make you have an unbeatable deck saving time and money. Although the gem generator is very easy to use if you don’t know how to use it you can contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
operation generator gems clash royale
The success of my generator is “basically” based on the signals and connections it sends to the game server. The code I have developed is encrypted in an algorithm that deceives the Clash Royale servers every time a user makes a request for resources from the generator, the game servers interpret it as a normal purchase and transfer the resources to the user’s account when in fact no transaction has been made, that is to say you generate unlimited gems and gold without spending a single euro.

Also, for added security I use SSL and a private proxy/anti-ban system that ensures that you go unnoticed or under the radar of the Clash Royale administrators so there is no chance of getting caught 😎

Clash Royale Gems Generator Features

Clash Royale gem generator is an online tool with a lot of features. Here are the most important ones:

  • Free Gems: Of course the most important would be to get free gems. Yes, you can do it several times without being forbidden. Just be reasonable with its use.
    Free Gold

  • Free Gold: Gold can also be obtained without doing anything. It’s not the number one resource, but you definitely need it to get that extra boost in your game.
  • Online generator uptime 99.9%: I am always aware of any changes that may be made to the supercell servers, as I am the first person to be interested in xD, but I cannot guarantee 100% because, as you can imagine, it is not easy to find this type of failure. Right now the program is running smoothly so generate.
  • OS and Android Universal: The gem generator was built so you can use it on any mobile phone. Works equally well on android and iOS.
  • No download required: Most so-called hacks are full of viruses and malicious code. You are forced to download APK or .exe files in order to use the hacks in Clash Royale and those files are usually infected. My generator works 100% online.
  • Quick to use: It only takes a few minutes to generate your gems and gold. Click on the button below to access it and you’ll have your gems in no time at all to be the master of Clash Royale.

Generate Gems

How to Improve Your Online Gems Generator

How to Improve Your Online Gems Generator
Before I created the gem generator I was stuck on certain levels and if I didn’t spend money I wouldn’t get ahead in the game. This was one of the main reasons why I started researching and developing the Clash Royale gem generator and I can assure you that since I’ve been using it the games I’ve lost have been for to give my user a natural look Here’s a piece of tip 😉
genera gemas y oro clash royale
Yes, using the generator is cheating, but hey, I’d rather cheat than spend money or lose my temper without being able to get ahead, honestly, that was very frustrating.

I’m sure you’ve tried a lot of tools that didn’t work that’s because their creator doesn’t update them. My generator is working fine today, but if you see that it’s not working, contact me and I’ll check it out. It is important to know that the Clash Royale gem generator is unverified so you can use it whenever you want unless you have reached the daily limit. I do this to prevent the Clash Royale servers from detecting the generator and banning it.

Will I be anonymous if I use the Generator?

Yes, and it always will be, since I use it myself. I have been very cautious and have set up very high security measures that will allow you to remain completely anonymous and keep you and your account protected, no one will know that you use a gem generator for Clash Royale, unless of course you tell them.

Gem Generator Tutorial for Clash Royale

Lately many of you are writing to me saying that the gem generator asks you to check to know if you are a bot or a real visit. I have been forced to do this because other users are using external programs to generate gems continuously. To prevent Supercell servers from detecting an abnormal request for gems and gold, remember that the generator simulates a purchase, I have implemented this security measure to avoid this spam traffic and the generator keeps running. I have recorded a video for you to know the steps to follow so that the gems and gold are added to your account correctly.
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